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With a wide array of background experience from movie sets to residential builders, Visionary Contracting is equipped to make your vision a reality. Below is a list of services we specialize in, however if what you’re looking for isn’t listed, feel free to call in your inquiry.

Whether you’re looking to create more rooms or demolish existing, Visionary Contracting knows how to tackle each project with structural knowledge and skill. Our framing experience mainly revolves around additional bathrooms and living spaces in basements as well as wall removals throughout the home to transform spaces to become more open concept.


*Please note that we can refuse demolition of supporting walls.


While you focus on the space, size and style, we aid in the flawless finish that will bring it all together.


  • Laminate

  • Engineered

  • Vinyl

  • Hardwood


Transform your house into a home with your dream colour palette. From crown moulding, to walls, doors and trim, we ensure a clean execution from top to bottom. Let’s help you get colour matched and primed for long lasting, beautiful colour throughout.

Drywall Repair and Restoration

Every home needs a strong foundation, and every room needs crisp, clean and even walls.


Bring your kitchen to life with a new backsplash, or remodel your bathroom completely. Whatever the tiling job, Visionary Contracting covers all rooms.


* For backsplashes, please consult on the style chosen beforehand


Contractor is another word for problem solver. Feel free to call or email any inquiries on projects you would like to complete in your home. Being able to create your vision allows us to help room to room, or point you in the direction of our contact base for the best tradespeople around (ex. electrical, countertops, etc.)

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